About PakiwariKo

PakiwariKo came from the Filipino words "pakiwari ko" or in English is "in my opinion". Technically speaking, this is a space where I express my own opinion about the things specifically books.

My aim of working on this blog is to give reactions on the books that I've been reading lately either out of curiosity or just for plain reason of using my free time.

Me as a reader

I wasn't born to love books, it was the people around me who assumed that I love them. They thought I was some kind of nerd to love them -- stereotyping as it may sound that a quiet kid loves books. Anyway, thanks to Jennifer Lawrence and Hunger Games which is the sole reason why I got so serious on reading a book for the first time and from then on, I always keep a book with me for my spare time.

Me as a writer

I ain't a good writer - that's for sure!

I'm a good person but a shitty writer. - Augustus Waters (TFIOS)

I admit that I'm not that fluent both - on writing and speaking - in English, but I can always try. I'm only human so go away grammar Nazis!!